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Brie Nicole Robinson, Founder & Principal

With ten years of Organizational Change Management experience applied across multiple industries and geographies, Brie's subject matter expertise is hard to match.

Brie's portfolio exposure ranges from technology implementations to merger due diligence, from the strategic alignment of human capital to supply chain optimization.

Brie's dedication to creating organic, sustainable change is contagious.  Her passion for people, technology, and process braid together beautifully to build lasting and successful change.  Anchored in the belief that everyone deserves and desires to be informed, educated, and empowered to thrive through transitions; Brie's work masterfully balances the art and the science of change management.

Brie lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and son, and is actively involved in the non-profit community.  She is an avid Olympic weightlifter and coach, loves quoting movies, and spending time outdoors.  

MBA, 2008: Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University
BA, 2002: University of California, Santa Barbara

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Brie Nicole Robinson, 2018