Organizational transformation: from planning to implementation.

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organizational assessment

Non-profit:  Our organizational health assessment provides clarity into the areas in your non-profit which need attention the most and the root causes that are keeping your non-profit from functioning at its best.

For-profit:  Our organizational health assessment illuminates your institution's change readiness and transformation risks, thus enabling a more informed conversation about the obstacles in your path towards true change agility.

organizational change management

The House Special —  Change is a constant force for all organizations regardless of size, composition, or industry.  We have a decade of transformation subject matter expertise and education experience.  Partner with us to inform, educate, and empower your organization to understand and embrace change.  Experience an unparalleled and positive change effort unlike any you have ever been a part of.

non-profit lifecycle development

Top-to-Toes Package — This is the most comprehensive end-to-end offering available to non-profits today: starting with a ground-up organizational assessment, to a strategic organizational development plan to strengthen opportunity areas and embolden strengths, to liaising directly with donors to broker donor development opportunities.

Strategic planning & Facilitation

Non-profit:  Whether you're creating your strategic plan or beginning a critical conversation about your mission, our interactive and action-centered approach to facilitated discussions make the process effective, engaging, and forward-thinking.

For-profit:  From bringing diverse standpoints together to align to surfacing cultural elements that prevent change from taking root, our leadership in challenging dialogues helps move the ball forward in a meaningful and sustainable way.

leadership coaching

Non-profit — Our tailored approach develops and grows every kind of leader in a non-profit: from formal to informal board leaders, to Executive Directors, to succession planning, to staff Player Coaches. 

For-profit — Every CXO needs counsel informed enough to understand their business architecture, savvy enough to help navigate politics, and bold enough to challenge with candid conversations.   Without a trusted one-on-one adviser, leaders often fall prey to the deadly triad of tunnel vision, group think, and "Yes" men.