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Pitch.  Tack.  Yaw.  These are aeronautical terms which describe the ways a body in motion responds to change in its environment.   Whether you are wading into heavy seas, are encountering strong winds, or find yourself in uncharted territory - the way one reacts when faced with change, chosen or not, directly informs the experiences and outcomes that follow.  PTY specializes in organizational transformation and efficiency.  Our passion and expertise on guiding people effectively through change will help propel you to the next level.     



Whether you are in need of direction, a gentle push, a firm hand, or radical change, we meet you where you are to deliver change when and how you need it.

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We're a bootstrap company built on a proven track record of successful organizational transformation, advocacy, balance, candor, and humor.

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We're constantly tapping into new sources to challenge the way we think and "do".  Here's what we're reading, thinking about, listening to, and wandering towards.

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Our only security is our ability to change.

— John Lilly

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